At present, declared mandatory by change in the rules for promotion to BPS-19, for the officers of Management Group, Secretariat Group and Police Department of the Govt. of AJ&K, MCMC by design should have weightage in the career path of the officers.

The course has been designed to train potential BPS-19 officers to improve their on-the-job-performance.

Essentially the focus of the course is on the following:

  1. Improve/enhance KSAA i.e. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attitudes of the participants so as to enable them to plan, implement and supervise Public Sector Programs and Projects effectively and efficiently.
  2. Sensitize them in the public interest and groom them to create public value as well as win and retain public trust through improved efficiency and service delivery.
  3. It is all about self-learning, self-management and self-discovery.


The aim of Mid-Career Management Course is:-

  1. To develop participants’ knowledge, skills, and leadership potential so as to optimize efficiency, effectiveness & economy at the operational and tactical level.
  2. To sensitize the participants in public interest and groom them to create public value as well as win and retain public trust through better service delivery to the citizens.



The scope of Mid-Career Management Course is:-

  1. To create awareness of strategic factors influencing implementation at the operational and tactical level.
  2. To develop an understanding of the geo-political configuration of the state of Pakistan and its constituent regions so as to promote a better understanding of its internal and external borders.
  3. To comprehend extremism, sectarianism and ethnicity and their influence on policy at the macro level and impact on governance at the micro level.
  4. To create an understanding about the need for inter-departmental linkages and coordination for improving efficiency at the operational and tactical implementation level.
  5. To enhance knowledge of the Rules of Business and the government’s administrative structures generally at the Strategic Levels and more specifically at the Operational Levels.
  6. To enhance basic knowledge of economics and finance and its application at the operational and tactical levels within a strategic setting.
  7. To assist in personality development and enhance communication, interpersonal, analytical and leadership skills so as to improve effectiveness and decision making at the operational /tactical level.
  8. To equip officers with the skills required for effective planning and management of projects.
  9. To conduct research and analysis for formulating and implementing operational plans to strengthen public service delivery.



Curriculum of the course comprises 5 Modules spread over 3 terms as under:

Module – 1    Institutional Framework of Strategic Management and Important National Issues of Pakistan.

Module – 2    Governance Modalities and Downstream Administrative Structures.

Module – 3    Management Skills and its Application for Effective Public Service.

Module – 4    Economics & Finance for Public Service Managers at Operational Level.

Module – 5    Research and Research Methodology, Local Visits and Inland Study tours.

Each module is sponsored by a faculty member, who organizes and conducts it in accordance with the curriculum under the overall guidance of the Director General. These modules are regularly reviewed keeping in view the specific requirements of the batch under training.