Kashmir Institute of Management (KIM) is the only civil service training institute in the State of AJ&K, operating in the capital city Muzaffarabad. After completing ten years of commendable public service delivery, KIM has now much proudly paraded into the eleventh year, by the grace of Almighty Allah, with a long list of accomplishments and ever-growing volume of commendation by the top brass of the State.

This trend-setter institute was created with the sole objective of building the capacity of the Civil Service of the State at the nationally and internationally recognized standards in the fields of Leadership, Public Policy, National Security, Management, Governance, Public Finance, Public Administration, Effective Communication and  Professional Research. Extraordinary commitment, matchless diligence and perseverance have been put in, by the entire Team KIM, during these ten years to hit new standards of efficient and cost-effective public service delivery in the area of training of the apparatus of the Government to achieve this objective by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating training programs in the State.

The magnificence, distinction, public appreciation and laurels which KIM has been able to earn during this short period of time is simply due to the grace of Allah Almighty besides indefatigable industriousness and unparalleled devotion shown by the KIM Management and the Faculty. It is, certainly, the result of selfless and missionary mode of working and pledge that has brought KIM to the prominence amidst its many decades old and much resourceful sister organizations in the country.

KIM has so far conducted 22 long duration courses i.e. 07 Mid-Career Management Courses (MCMCs), 05 Professional Development Courses (PDCs), 02 Senior Management Courses (SMCs), 04 Professional Planning and Management Courses (PP&MCs), 02 Office Management Courses (OMCs) and 02 Orientation Training Programs for Probationer Officers of GoAJ&K and newly inducted Tehsil Qazis of AJ&K subordinate Judicial Service besides 03 short duration courses i.e. 02 Domain Training Programs (DTPs), 01 Training Program for Community Mobilizers (TPCMs). Moreover, 23 qualitative short duration workshops and two conferences on the subjects of national significance with participation from local, national and international level have also been conducted with the highest possible standard.

KIM is devotedly executing a well thought out training regime approved by the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) in terms of training modules, training methodology and its conduct. Training programs at KIM have been devised with an aim to blend various training methodologies and approaches to achieve the objectives of promoting independent, creative and unique analytical skills, improving research capabilities, grooming personality, refining moral character and ethics besides inculcating pro-people leadership and management qualities amongst the participants. Another objective of these training programs is to enable participating officers to shoulder ever-growing volume of responsibilities and formidable challenge of maintaining the superior professionalism and moral values aimed at bringing the Civil Service of AJ&K at par with the rest of the country. Eminent Civil Servants and veterans of fame from different professions/walks of life are invited for lecture discussions, from all over the country, to cater for the need to address national and local issues i.e. economy, national security, effective leadership, responsive democratic governance, financial management, ethics of public service and sustainable development etc.

All training courses, workshops and seminars at KIM take special care while exposing participants to the contemporary issues of governance, national security, financial management, public policy and development besides inculcating pro-people leadership skills through empirical learning such as priority setting, communication and strategic planning. Case studies, simulation exercises, tutorial discussions, presentations, analysis papers and individual research papers are the tools used to sharpen up leadership qualities of participant officers. Participants are also put through comprehensive brainstorming sessions on different perspectives, looking at their strengths and weaknesses and also to analyze the arguments in a logical sequence. They also learn to sift important information from the trivial and draw convincing conclusions.

Kashmir Institute of Management is a Special Institution of the Services & General Administration Department, Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu & Kashmir established vide Kashmir Institute of Management Ordinance-2011, later enacted in 2014. It is overseen by a Board of Governors, comprising the Chief Secretary as its Chairman with Secretary S&GAD, Secretary Finance, and a prominent personality from amongst former senior civil servants or the civil society appointed by the Government as members besides the Director General KIM as its member-cum-secretary. It goes without saying that the AJ&K government has always been generous enough in patronizing this unique center of excellence in the State which is also mandated to act as a “Think Tank” for the Government of AJ&K on the issues of governance, rule of law, public policy formulation/implementation and sustainable development etc. The institute lays special emphasis on maximizing genuine and empirical research activity in different sectors / sub-sectors of the economy in the State to improve public service delivery aimed at achieving the state of desirable good governance, public welfare and sustainable development.