KIM Infrastructure



The Director General is the executive head of the Institute. His office is situated on the ground floor of the eastern wing. This wing also includes the offices of the Chief Instructor and other members of the faculty. Reception, Telephone Exchange and offices of the Medical Officer also lie on the north-eastern side on the ground floor. Eastern wing of the ground floor houses the personal staff of Director General and office of the Additional Directing Staff (T&C), whereas, eastern wing of the first floor houses the offices of Director, Deputy Directors, Assistant Director (Admin), Instructor and Budget Officer. Offices of auxiliary staff lie in the center of the first floor.


Training and Coordination Wing lies in the western wing of the first floor. Participants are strictly prohibited to enter Training & Coordination Wing. This wing includes offices of Training and Coordination Officers, Protocol Officer and T&C Section. Reproduction Section, Stationery Room and other related offices also lie in the western wing.

Training and Coordination Wing is the hub of all training activities. Chief Instructor is the head of this wing. This wing works under direct supervision of the Chief Instructor. All training activities are planned and implemented by this wing.
All weekly schedules regarding lecture discussions, workshops, cultural events, sports activities, tutorial discussions, simulation exercises, case studies and other research activities are planned and implemented by the Training and Coordination (T&C) Wing.


KIM has a Multipurpose Hall / Auditorium. It is equipped with latest computers, multimedia, LED screens, cameras, sound system and control panel. The seating capacity is for more than 100 persons. This Auditorium is used for the conduct of lectures / general events, conferences, seminars and workshops as well as cultural activities. During the conduct of lectures and workshops, faculty members supervise and control the working of the participants through control panel.


There is a fully equipped computer laboratory with more than 50 systems. The whole IT equipment including computers, multimedia, printers, scanners etc. are of the latest models. Audio/video facilities include multimedia projection system (used during presentations/lectures has also been made available in the IT lab. Internet facility is also available for accessing information for various assignments.  Computer literate staff is available in the morning and evening sessions for assistance to participants where required.   

All the computers are interconnected through LAN. Internet facility has also been made available through LAN within the computer lab and via wifi within the whole premises of KIM for research purposes. Technical staff is also available for trouble shooting and support. By the grace of Allah Almighty KIM has already launched its own website on AJK web portal. Thus, KIM has now established its identification not only in AJK/Pakistan but all over the world. 


A well-furnished and decorated Guests’ Lobby caters for the needs of incoming guests of participants and the visitors. The lobby has enough and luxurious seating arrangement to make the stay of guests and participants comfortable. Necessary instructions and COVID-19 specific SoPs of the Govt. have clearly been displayed at the main entrance and in the Guest’s Lobby for compliance by the KIM employees and guests.


KIM Campus has fully equipped Reproduction Section with latest colored and black and white photo copiers and all allied accessories. All printing work is carried out in this section. It facilitates printing, binding and photocopying requirements of the institute and the participants.


KIM has a library which is at present in the organization phase and is regularly being upgraded. It, at present, has 3267 books on various subjects relating to Training, History, Public Policy, Public Administration, Management & Leadership, Military Studies, Economics, Human Rights, Politics, Law, Constitution, Population, Geography, Environment, Natural Resources, Power, Effective Communication, Sustainable Development, Religion, Literature, Biographies, Kashmir and other subjects. A good number of rare books of archival significance pertaining to History, Geography, Population, Political and Socioeconomic profile of Jammu & Kashmir have also been included. KIM regularly adds new books in the library stock from within its resources to cater for the research needs of different courses. Books are issued for a maximum period of 15 days at one time. Not more than 5 books can be drawn at once.

Library maintains a Reference Section that has a reasonable collection of books for ready reference. Reference books, materials and research reports are marked with the notation 'REF', and are not issued for use outside the Library premises. These can only be got issued for studying within the Library premises. Journals or periodicals are kept in the Periodicals’ Section. These are also placed under the category of reference material. Online access to worldwide digital resources for research through HEC has also been made available in the library for the participants of various courses.


With patronage of the Services and General Administration Department, Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu and Kashmir an Archive Section has also been established in the library. This innovation and value addition in KIM library has been undertaken with the intention of providing AJK government a centralized and well managed setup for easy access to all the historical data related to service matters  including official historical documents, circulars, notifications, rules, regulations and record of legal and administrative activities etc.


There are three fully equipped Syndicate Rooms for the conduct of syndicate activities where small groups of participants get together under the guidance of Directing Staff to hold discussions on significant issues relating to the curriculum.


Institute being newly established, serious efforts have been made to provide best possible accommodation facilities to the participants. At the moment, accommodation facilities for around 42 participants have been made available. All of the rooms are fully furnished.


A well-equipped conference room has also been established on the first floor where all the important meetings, training conferences, fortnightly meetings and assessment conferences are held. It has a capacity to accommodate almost twenty participants at a time.


To maintain the standard of a national level training institute, a standardized Mess along with Dining Hall has been established. It has a capacity for about 100 persons. Formal dinners & daily refreshments are arranged in the Dining Hall. There is also an Ante Room with luxurious sitting arrangements for participants of the courses. Messing Officer and well trained staff supervise and cater to the dietary needs of the participants. Participants have to observe the specific dress code for the Mess. During all Courses, a Mess Committee is constituted from amongst the participants who suggest changes, if any, in the menu.