Prime Minister of AJK Message


Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu & Kashmir

The Civil Services have evolved into a backbone of the State in the modern national states. In our times, the role of civil servants has become vital for rapid sustainable socio-economic development, good governance, promotion of rule of law and easy access to justice.

Being cognizant of this fact, the civil service training institutions ensure that human resource of different service groups are imparted the best professional training and overall orientation to serve the people of the State. The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hones professional and leadership skills of the participant officers and creates an environment for creating synergy amongst various service groups.

The Kashmir Institute of Management (KIM), since its inception in 2011, has fast developed into a centre of excellence in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The courses conducted at KIM groom their participants for efficient, effective and result-oriented management/leadership. By equipping the trainee officers (participants) with competitive/high-quality approaches and skills, the institution has contributed directly to cost-effective and pro-people service delivery by various government departments / organizations in the State.

The contemporary world is passing through an all-encompassing revolution in the fields of information technology/management sciences and technology. Training institutions need to not only catch up with the latest trends but prepare civil servants for the future. KIM, as an innovative institution, has been productively investing its time and energy in working towards these two goals. Resultantly trainees graduate from KIM having been equipped with the desired skill sets for meeting numerous rather daunting challenges in the rapidly changing world.

My Government fully supports KIM. With diligence and dedication, the management and faculty of this nascent training institution has met the high expectations of the State, besides bringing it at par with the long established sister training institutions in Pakistan.

I am confident that qualitative training being imparted by KIM upon Civil Service/Public Service in the State in different areas of statecraft including analytical approach, professional/academic research, independent thinking, public policy formulation, leadership, pro-people administration and effective communication will certainly have tangible impact on all spheres of public service delivery.

I earnestly believe that continuous capacity building of the Civil Servants and Public Servants of AJ&K through KIM’s intensive training courses, along with high quality research, will certainly help us in moving the State towards prosperity, rule of law, stronger democratic institutions’ status and human security. This, in turn, will enable us to transform our State into a Model Welfare State in the region.

I am extend my deepest appreciation and highest commendation to the inspiring and effective leadership of Brig. Syed Akhtar Hussain Shah SI (M), (Retd.) who has transformed KIM into one of the best performing training institutions in the country. In this effort, he has fully leveraged the strengths and competencies of his qualified and committed team, hence are equally distinguished. I congratulate him on making KIM a really prestigious institution and assure my government’s unflinching support and patronage in realizing its fullest potential as a national level centre of excellence in the field of (CPD) of the Civil/Public Service of the State.