Training Policy

Training Policy

AJK Government has accepted training as one of the effective and tested tools for performance enhancement, as well as up-gradation of knowledge and skills of its personnel. KIM has been relentlessly pursuing effective implementation of the Training Policy. Salient features of the Training Policy are given below:


Training Programs for the Civil / Public Servants in the state focus on:

  1. Responsiveness to the challenging needs and expectations of the citizens in the context of a dynamic democratic society and to organizational and technological developments and to the need for transparency and accountability.
  2. Commitment to democratic values, the rule of law and concept of partnership and participative decision-making.
  3. Awareness of technological, economic and social developments.
  4. Accountability to ensure high performance in every professional field and cost effective methods of service delivery.


Kashmir Institute of Management (KIM) has been established on the lines of National School of Public Policy (NSPP) in Pakistan under the legislation made vide Kashmir Institute of Management Ordinance, 2011 (Later enacted by the AJ&K Legislative Assembly in 2014). It, therefore, follows the training methodology of NSPP in letter and spirit. It is because of this reason that it has been able to achieve high standards which at some levels are even better than NSPP. At the time of its establishment, KIM was mandated to run only a Mid-Career Management Course (MCMC) for BS-18 officers, due for promotion in BS-19. However, in due course of time the Government desired and expanded its mandate to run courses for the officers falling in BS-19 (i.e. Senior Management Course) and for the officers in     BS-17 (Basic Management Course now renamed as Professional Planning & Management Course) besides officials in BS-11 to 16 (Junior Staff Course now renamed as Office Management Course).

Azad Government of the State of Jammu & Kashmir has adopted the concept of training for all as a fundamental to its Training Policy. As a result, training is imparted on a regular and continuous basis to the Civil / Public Servants starting from the lowest and cutting-edge to the highest in policy making.


Training Programs of functionaries at the cutting edge address functional skills and attitudinal orientation. Whereas, training is targeted to:-

  1. Continual updating and enhancement of the professional knowledge and skills of civil service personnel for better performance of individuals and organizations.
  2. Promotion of better understanding of professional requirements as well as sensitization to Professional, socio-economic and political environment.
  3. Securing right attitudinal orientation among its personnel.


  1. As per training policy, Training Programs are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the target group by the Institute.
  2. Training Programs are aimed at creating self-awareness as well as team building within the organization is given utmost importance.